Sunday, March 27, 2011

Listening Journal March 27

I'm not sure what to write about because I didn't really listen to sun ra, or stockhausen... I did listen to some dub music and I guess I could include that, but still. I think what I'd rather talk about is what I have been listening to.
It's been raining a lot lately, and it's been hitting my window when I wake up. Also, I've noticed that no matter where I go in the bay area, you can hear the freeway slightly. I'm still  of listening to the sounds around me.
yeah, I guess that was a shitty introduction. But that's something. As far as sound in the musical sense, I've been getting back to my teen roots, or something. I get on these brief periods of obsession with certain bands that I listened to in high school. Right now I'm back into Minor Threat. Or in specific, Ian Mackaye. I've always really liked what he's had to say, but I haven't really paid quite as much attention until now. I forgot that back when I thought everything was hopeless, he lifted my head up. I guess the same thing has luckily happened, and I've had my life changed again (as cheesy as it sounds). His music has always been a reminder to stay level-headed and do what you know will change things. Instead of advertising the way he thought things should be, he lived them. That's been important to me in not losing sight of my goals ideologically, politically, etc.
Another important thing he said was that people are people and they shouldn't belong to these groups that have been set for them (punk, hippie, hipster, blah). That's important to me too, I s'pose. The whole 'poser' thing bothers me within the ~subculture~ world. . . . .... .subcultures are weird because they're still apart of culture.

but anyways:

anyways, there will probably be subsequent posts that will relate more to the reading, but until then...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thou - By Endurance We Conquer

Thou is a doom/drone band from Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Louisiana, USA and they fucking rule. Carrying a heavy sound that is often broken down into detours of instrumentation, they combine the best parts of several genres (including sludge, doom metal, black metal, drone, hardcore punk and post-rock) into a depressingly beautiful picture of modern society. I would say they come fairly close to a 'classical' sound at times (whatever that fucking means). Their lyrics often deal with revolution, despair, death. Although, sometimes they are disguised poetically, with medieval themes.

We're slaves to conditioning. Hidden eyes judge us from the heavens, unseen fingers choking free will back down our throats. You can never escape the foul presence of christianity. And to ignore the divine contradictions, and to reject a fictitious morality, and to scorn superstitions, and to put your faith in logic--this is the path to your damnation. And you shall know them by the fruit they bear: intolerance, manipulation, genocide. All in the name of a god conjured in the imaginations and machinations of men. How dejected and unfulfilled. Look to me in hate, pity or indifference--but don't expect longing or acceptance in these eyes, or in these words--not for your pompous egotism, boisterous moral posturing, righteous indignation, or resignation to constant suffering. I would rather burn in hell than cling to man-made falsehoods. I would rather live in constant doubt and fear, expecting an unfeeling abyss than embrace false hope or extravagant fairy tales. There is no great shaper in the heavens. Nothingness awaits.

Waves crash down, unrelenting, unending. We are stone shaped by the force of its abuse; colossal mountain ranges eroded to jagged shorelines; aged cliff tops, decrepit and helpless; earthen cadavers now ripe for mining to the very core of our souls. Or so we would have you think. Magic is willpower. Willpower is magic. Self-knowledge is the key to the perfect control of the will. After destroying the decades of our youth, after being crushed under the pillars of heaven--the bonds we make and the bonds we break ever come crashing down.

For more info, check this out:

Sunday, March 6, 2011

one of my favorite songs with one of my favorite movies

Saturday, March 5, 2011

we can't endure*
We face what you can't heal
All trust is lost

You refuse to sacrifice
We all suffer
Ordain the end

You refuse to change your nature
We all suffer

Convert me to your truth
This lived
This happened

We tried we failed
Ordain the end
We all suffer